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Your pet’s personal GPS/GSM tracker

MyKi Pet GPS/GSM tracker is a device, helping pet-owners monitor their pets’ location at all times through an application.
Triple Localization

Triple localisation

Through its GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi localization functions, MyKi Pet knows, even in closed spaces, where your pet is. The LBS localization is used for additional accuracy purposes. GPS and Wi-Fi localization functionalities give you an accuracy of up to 10 meters.

The lightest tracker in the world

The device weighs only 28 grams, which makes it suitable both for small and large pets (cats, dogs), as well as for agricultural livestock.
Safe Zones

Safety zones

MyKi Pet knows when your pet is at home and automatically determines a safety zone. In addition, the pet-owner may set a safety zone around the usual walk place. If the pet leaves any safety zone, the pet-owner will be notified immediately.
Personal Pet Trainer


MyKi Pet is the only tracker in the world that allows you to give remote instructions to your pet

Your pet’s smart tracker


Low-power mode

Being in low-power mode, the tracker checks every ten minutes whether the pet is still within the safety zone. In this mode, the battery may last for up to 5 days.

Real-time tracking

If your pet leaves its safety zone, MyKi Pet tracker automatically switches from low-power mode to real-time tracking and notifies the pet-owner. In this mode, the battery may last for up to 12 hours.


MyKi Pet – your pet’s trainer

MyKi Pet produces 4 different sounds, which you can use to train your pet to easily perform different instructions. Our video lessons will help you train your dog to react to 4 cues, given by pressing buttons in the application.

No need to shout for your dog any longer

It is enough to press a button and your dog will run back to you, no matter how big the distance between the two of you is.

Technical information

Myki Pet arrives in a box, which contains a leash, a tracker, and a user manual.
Wireless Coverage

Wi-Fi coverage

Through Wi-Fi coverage, MyKi Pet may locate your pet even in closed spaces.
Long Battery Life

Up to 100 hours battery

While MyKi Pet is connected to your home internet network, its battery may last for up to 100 hours.
Water Proof

Splash and dust resistant

Regardless of whether it rains outside or your pet has somehow managed to get the device wet, MyKi Pet continues functioning and shows you where your pet is.