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10 Reasons why Kids Should Own a Pet

Pet ownership is all the trend these days. It seems as if more and more people chose to own pets. There is good reason for this trend. Not only can your favorite furry friend be a constant companion for you, there are also many benefits your kids can derive from pet ownership, some that you may never have even thought of. Take a look at some of the great reasons kids should own pets.


Any pet owner can tell you that taking care of an animal is a job that requires responsibility. Animals need to be fed, bathed, walked, and loved. These tasks require time and care. Children who own pets easily develop a sense of responsibility as they take care of a pet who is totally dependent on them. This sense of responsibility will inevitably spill into other aspects of a child’s life.


Children need to learn a sense of confidence, and owning a pet is a perfect vehicle to do so. When a child is successful in fulfilling the responsibilities of taking care of a pet, he or she will begin developing self-confidence. Children will start to feel good about themselves and take pride in their accomplishments. These feelings will quickly begin to spill over into other aspects of the child’s life.

Resistance to Allergies and Asthma

When children grow up with pets in the house, they start to develop resistance to allergens from a young age. The exposure to pet dander will help children develop a stronger immune system so they will have less of a chance of developing allergies and asthma as they grow up.

Physical Activity

It is no secret that many children do not get enough physical activity during the day. An excellent way to combat this unfortunate trend is by having your child own a pet. Pets need exercise and play to stay healthy. Whether it is walking a dog or chasing a cat around the house, physical activity not only benefits the pet, but it benefits your kids as well.

Source of Comfort and Stress Relief

There is no question that pets are a soothing and comforting source in a person’s life. They are a source of unconditional love, and are always there when you need them. Whether your child has a bad day at school, gets into a fight with a friend, or is recovering from an illness, a pet can help make the path to happiness and recovery a little less lonely and difficult.

Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills

Can a family pet help improve your kid’s reading skills? Believe it or not, yes. One of the best ways for a child to improve reading skills is by reading out loud. Often kids do not want to read to their parents for fear of being criticized for making mistakes. A great solution for this issue is to read to a pet. Pets will listen quietly and calmly while kids read stories to them. As the children read, their skills improve, and they’re bonding with their pet at the same time.

Faithful Friendship

Human relationships are fragile. You never know when your child’s best friend is going to move away, or there is going to be an irreparable fight. For children, a fight with a friend can seem devastating. But, a friendship a pet provides is unconditional and unending. No matter what happens, your dog, cat, hamster, or other pet will be there to help you celebrate the good times and see you through the bad times.


As a parent, you are always concerned for your child’s safety and protection. Having a pet in your home, particularly a dog, is a great source of protection for your child. A dog will stay by your child’s side and protect him or her in your absence. If your child is being bullied, a pet’s presence can easily prevent a fight from starting. An animal can even be a protector inside the home as well. Many dogs are trained to detect threatening allergens or other harmful substances in the home, which can be life-saving for your child.

Manage Behavioural Problems

If you have a child with behaviour issues, a pet can be a saving grace. Playing with a dog or cat can have a soothing effect on a hyperactive or aggressive child. An ill-natured child can also develop discipline and will eventually learn to have a softer nature by taking care of a family pet.

Learn About Consequences

Learning about consequences is a tough lesson for children to grasp. But, having a pet in the house drives the lesson home like nothing else. If a pet is not cared for properly, the consequences are quickly evident and easy to grasp. For example, if your pet’s cage does not get cleaned, it will smell. If your pet fish does not get fed, it will die. There is always a clear action and reaction that your children can recognize.

With all of these great reasons to have a pet, there is no doubting why so many parents include them as part of their family. For more information on why kids should own pets, please contact MyKi Pet today.

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