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Questions and Answers

How to register my MyKi Pet?

Insert a SIM card with previously deactivated PIN code and switch the device on by pressing and holding the power button until you hear a specific sound. The device will blink white. Download and install MyKi Pet App from Google Play (for Android phones) or AppStore (for iOS phones). Create your own account by inserting your email address, a password and MyKi Pet’s ID, which can be found in the device’s box. Keep MyKi Pet’s ID and your account’s password safe.

How does MyKi Pet localise?

MyKi Pet has an inbuilt GPS receiver, by means of which it connects to 20 satellites simultaneously, when it is outside. When inside and unable to get a GPS signal, MyKi Pet uses a special in-built Wi-Fi and LBS localization module. The collected data are sent via the mobile network directly to your phone. Localization history is kept for up to 3 months.

Is MyKi Pet waterproof?

MyKi Pet is NOT waterproof. It is designed to withstand mud, dust, moisture, and splash, but not to be submerged in water. Do not use cleaning preparations and water to clean the device. If necessary, use a wet towel to wipe it.

Is MyKi Pet suitable for all kinds of animals?

MyKi Pet can be used for dogs, cats, and other pets, as well as for agricultural livestock.

How small or how big should be the animals, to use MyKi Pet for?

With its 23 g of weight, MyKi Pet is very light and compact. We recommend that you use the tracker for pets weighing over 1.5 kg. There is no upper weight limit. If necessary, the leash may be exchanged for a smaller or a bigger one.

What if I have more than one pet?

You can register up to 5 MyKi Pet devices into one account and to monitor them simultaneously.

I have 2 phones. May I monitor the same MyKi Pet device on both of them?

You can monitor one MyKi Pet device on as many mobile phones as you like. You just have to insert the same login data or share them with people you trust.

What kind of notifications do I get on my phone?

MyKi Pet will notify you if your pet leaves the “home” or “walk” safety zone. You will be notified also if the battery needs to be charged.

How long does MyKi Pet work with a fully charged battery?

Its functioning depends on how long you are walking your pet. Real-time tracking also affects the battery. At an average, MyKi Pet may function for 5 days after its battery has been fully charged.

May I call my pet?

No, MyKi Pet is not a telephone conversation device.

Does how to benefit from the SIM card included in MyKi pet’s package?

If you have purchased the MyKi Pet + EU SIM card option, your tracker will function in any EU country, without limitations or additional roaming charges. The SIM card includes the internet package, necessary for the proper functioning of the device for 12 months, with no additional charges.

If you have purchased MyKi Pet with another SIM card, you should contact your mobile operator.

Does how to recharge the SIM card included in MyKi Pet’s package?

If you have purchased the MyKi Pet + EU SIM card option, in 12 months you may recharge the card with a new one-year package in our online store.

If you have purchased MyKi Pet with another SIM card, you should contact your mobile operator.

Where can I use MyKi Pet with a SIM card?

The package MyKi Pet + EU SIM card gives you the opportunity to use the device in any EU country without any limitations or additional roaming charges. In all the other cases you should contact your mobile operator for more information.